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    WhiteList Application Template



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    WhiteList Application Template

    Post  [admin]M4jorMiner on Fri Dec 23, 2011 6:26 pm

    White-list Application

    Hello, want to join the server? That's Awesome, go right ahead I'm not stopping you, but I would recommend using this template if you actually hope to have success. Smile

    P.S Post As Separate Topic

    [White-List Application]


    Name: First Name, First and Last Name? Your Choice Just Remember its on the Webs.

    Minecraft Name:


    Country of Residence:

    How'd You Find Us:

    Why Do You want to play on "gecko craft":

    Who has the bes beats?:

    (this is a refrence to the rules read them all and it will be in there some place, if you fail the answer or do not put anything there your app will be declinedt )

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