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    Put your app here


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    Put your app here

    Post  [Admin]Rockrazer73 on Fri Dec 23, 2011 8:29 pm

    So you want to be an op huh? tired of watching us mess around? or you just want to use your power ? maybe help the server?

    Well whatever it is you want ! It is time to tell us here, you will need to follow the guild lines below and post a application and maybe if your luck... you will get a ingame/fourm/super Op.

    Copy this


    Ingame name:


    What type of op do you want to be?:

    How long have you been here?:

    When did you start playing minecraft?:

    If you have any thing worth telling about your self:

    Why do you want to be an op?:

    How do you plan to us your op/how will you help the server?:


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