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    Geckocrafts rules


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    Geckocrafts rules

    Post  [Admin]Rockrazer73 on Fri Dec 23, 2011 10:45 pm

    The result of braking one of the rules will count as one of three strikes EX. 1/3
    Entail ban you will be kicked every time to get a strike... If you feel likes op is giving strikesor baning unfairly please report them to the player report forum and we will give the op in question a huge comb over what he has been doing

    [1] Admins Word Is Law
    [2] Be Friendly
    [3] Use common sense
    [4] No Griefing (Griefing=Ban)
    [5]No Racial or Sexuel Slang
    [6] Keep The World "Pretty"
    [7] No Hacks/Mods
    [8] Be Respectful
    [9] No begging for items, ops WILL NEVERgive you any
    [10] be respectful to ops/admin and in return they must be respectful to you

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